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Mulcher is a machine that is mainly used for cutting crop and best thing is that it is specially designed to manage crop residues and provides mulching to those fields with the residues. It can cut various rows of harvested plants in one go and further modifications can be made according to the need of the farmers.

  • Rotor balancing is done on electronic balancing machine
  • All components designed by well qualified experienced engineer for better durability and sturdy frame
  • It provides a sustainable solution to the alarming problem of agricultural waste management
  • Side guards with adjustable height for the sides of the frame, near to the ground
  • 2 Rows of Counter blades for fine chopping and producing finer mulching of harder coarser materials
  • Lower toothed counter-blade
  • Less fuel consumption and save labour cost
  • Standard PTO shaft
  • Cover large areas in very short time

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