Welcome to Terrasoli

Welcome to  Terrasoli

TERRASOLI is one of the leading and renowned manufacturer of Agriculture Farm Implements and is a part of the Jai Auto Group. Jai Auto is one of the largest Gears Manufacturer in India. Since its establishment in 1978, enjoys a 41 year’s legacy for excellence in Gear Engineering and Manufacturing. Jai Auto manufacturing facility consists of well-equipped plants in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (Delhi & NCR) with latest Machines and infrastructure. Jai Auto manufactures more than 2000 different type of gears. Jai Auto are the leader in gear Technology and manufacture a wide range of Differential Gear, Turned Blanks, Forged Blanks, Forged Flange, Gearboxes for Agricultural implements.

Jai Auto has established and maintained its market leadership in the Gear Technology segment. Company has entered in to the Agriculture Machinery category with Brand “TERRASOLI” and expanding its portfolio with other farm equipment. “TERRASOLI” is dedicated to producing a quality products that meet the stern requirements of its customers all over India. TERRASOLI has diverse range of Farm Equipment machineries products which include series of Rotary Tiller, Reversible hydraulic MB plough, Super Seeder, Baler and Rake etc. TERRASOLI has its own dedicated state of the art fully automated production facility near Chandigarh with an area of 47,9160 sqft. Our brand is well poised and equipped with best new technology. We are designing everything in house including the gear box to provide very technologically advanced products which are reliable & durable.

We have been contributing to agricultural growth of the country by providing innovative implements at the most affordable prices and always stood for innovative, easy-to-handle, and environment-friendly products, backed by reliable customer service. We use best quality of raw material and sustainable engineering designs for manufacturing innovative implements of International standards. We are known for quality, service & commitments. Our strength is innovative, progressive & ethical marketing which keep us ahead in market.

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Products Range

Jai Auto manufacturers agricultral equipements under the brand name of Terrasoli. Our Products state-of-the-art design and superior features for unparalleled quality and performance in a number of applications.
Our Products state-of-the-art design and superior features for unparalleled quality and performance in a number of applications.

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Mulcher is a machine that is mainly used for cutting crop and best thing is that it is specially designed to manage crop residues and provides mulching to those fields with the residues. It can cut various rows of harvested plants in one go and further modifications can be made according to the need of the farmers.


Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough /uploads/images/products/2022-02-171138424.png


HYDRAULIC REVERSIBLE MB PLOUGH is a specially designed agricultural implement used for turning the soil levels up side down, incorporating soil residues and making available more fertile layer for the new crop. The Hydraulic Reversible Plough comes with a precisely hardened and tempered mould board which facilitates best in class soil inversion.


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Hexa Rotary Tiller tested and approved by Gov. of India (Ministry of Agriculture) has specially design with VD Boron blades that allows the machine to work smoothly in distinctive soil conditions while minimizing wear and tear. Hexa Rotary Tiller are well suitable for 35 to 55 HP tractors.


Rotary Tiller /uploads/images/products/2021-10-119533086.png

Hexa  1+

Terrasoli Hexa 1+ Rotary TILLER is specially designed for medium soils in both dry and wet soil conditions.


Super Seeder /uploads/images/products/2022-01-046165437.png


Cropica Super Seeder is perfect solution for land preparation to sowing in single pass. It features a unique design, resulting in higher yield because germination in soft soil is much better than in other seeding solutions. Terrasoli Cropica Super Seeder tested and approved by Govt. of India (Ministry of Agriculture)